“Finding and working with Will was an absolute pleasure. He helped me explore the peaks and valley’s of life and helped forward me into some exciting action: both with dialing up and dialing down certain aspects of my life. As as aspiring coach, Will also offered me a supportive and trusting space to explore ideas for my own coaching journey and I always felt supported. Anyone would benefit working with Will!”


International Programs Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Since I have met Will and began working with him, the things that I have learned and the growth that I have had has been exponential. Will has helped shape me into the student, athlete, and person I am today. I credit the success I have had and will have in the future in part to his guidance as well as the values and lessons that he has instilled in me.”


NCAA Div. I Athlete and young professional

“My sons’ coaching sessions with Will have given them a safe, confidential place to share their thoughts and feelings with someone they trust and are comfortable with. Will has provided them with the tools and a plan to develop positive academic and life skills so they may attain their life goals. My sons look forward to their visits with Will every time because they know he is there to help them. Equally important, Will is one of the nicest guys who will instantly make you feel comfortable. His help will make a difference in your life.”


Parent and Educator

“I like talking to Will because he is so nice and easy to talk to. He is a great listener and helps me decipher what a good decision would be when it comes to school, exercise, and other life lessons. The time spent with Will is valuable because he helps me come up with a plan to achieve my goals.”



“My son worked with Will this past summer. Fifteen is such a hard age for both parents and kids – it should come with a manual! Just knowing he had someone with awareness, compassion, and understanding put my mind at ease. He came out of his meetings with a better focus on his future and confidence in his present life – personally, in sports, and academically. He shared that he feels better equipped to think through issues now instead of just reacting to them. I think this is a very valuable life skill we all could use!” Laura


“Talking with Will has been very fun. He’s a great guy and is always willing to talk about anything good or bad. There are a lot of benefits from talking with him, and it has helped me a lot to deal with stress and find ways to deal with the things that stress me out.”


Student and Student-athlete