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New Pricing Alert!

As part of my ongoing response to COVID-19, new prices for all of my services have been applied and are reflected below.  I hope to have the honor of partnering with you soon!

It is my pleasure to provide you with more information on the various plans and programs I currently offer! When you sign-up for any of these plans and submit payment, you will receive a welcome packet and the link to begin scheduling your conversations.
I look forward to working with you!

FREE Introductory Call

It would be a privilege to tell you more about myself as we discuss your goals and provide you with a sample of the coaching experience.  I look forward to meeting you!

Schedule below or at this link


Another part of my COVID-19 response is this free support conversation.  It would be a privilege to get to know you while discussing whatever would be most helpful to you at this time.  I look forward to meeting you!

Schedule at this link


Silver Plan

  • 5 conversations for $300 $200
  • 1 client-initiated email per week, as needed
  • Recap to paying party after each conversation 

Starter Plan

  • 3 conversations for $185 $135
  • Recap to paying party after each conversation
“I like talking to Will because he is so nice and easy to talk to. He is a great listener and helps me decipher what a good decision would be when it comes to school, exercise, and other life lessons. The time spent with Will is valuable because he helps me come up with a plan to achieve my goals.”




I offer this option to help you write an essay that truly showcases the amazing person you are to the institutions of your choice!


A 45 – 60 min. coaching conversation focused on your college application essay is $35.


Additional 30-minute proofreading / editing conversations can be added for $15 each.


Schedule an Introductory Call with me to get started – the essay of your dreams is on the horizon!

College Application Essay Assistance Options


PEAK in Your Program – a Full Service Coaching Experience


A PEAK in Your Program coaching experience includes everything listed below in each and every cycle!  The price per cycle is based on the number of PEAK in Your Program athletes, and the base rate is $40 per athlete.

  • For example, if you would like 8 athletes to be a part of PEAK in Your Program, the cost of 1 cycle (everything listed below!) would be $40 X 8 for a total of $320.

A 20-minute introductory conversation for each PEAK in Your Program athlete


1 full-length one-on-one conversation for each PEAK in Your Program athlete


Bi-weekly group conversations with your PEAK in Your Program athletes for the duration of the cycle (until each PEAK in Your Program athlete has had his / her individual meeting)


Recaps to program staff after each conversation (full group and one-on-one)

Holistic weekly check-ins with program staff

20% discount given to programs that sign-up for multiple cycles

  • I care about your athletes, staff, and program as a whole seeing all of the benefits of PEAK in Your Program, which is why I recommend programs consider engaging in multiple cycles. While even a single cycle can have tremendous results within a program, I truly believe the more PEAK in Your Program, the more success, fulfillment, and growth you will see!

If you’re interested in PEAK in your Program, please schedule an Introductory Call with me so I can hear about your goals and provide you with more information on how this full service coaching experience can help you and your program reach those goals!




I am available for 45 – 60 min. workshops with topics that can be catered to your needs!


Academic or Athletic Workshop examples include Staying on the Path, Aligning Your Actions to Your Vision, Personal Knowledge: The Foundation of Effective Habit Creation, Mastering Your Inner Critic, Meeting Your Future Self, Learning and Thinking Styles, Motivation Styles, Team Unity, Athletic Stress Management, and More!

Workshops include a handout for each attendee that has been personalized for your event
1 workshop of 3-9 people is $150
1 workshop for 10 – 24 people is $200
1 workshop for 25+ people is $275

To discuss my workshops, please schedule an Introductory Call with me!

Workshop Pricing