First and foremost, I believe life coaching is built on these three fundamental principles:
  • A life coach’s goal is to help a client gain clarity on what she or he really wants before designing action steps, habits, and mindsets to achieve those desired outcomes.
  • There is no problem within the client to diagnose or fix.
  • The client has all the answers.
While those principles provide a foundation for my coaching, I believe it is also helpful to distinguish what life coaching is NOT / does NOT do:
  • Life coaching is NOT therapy in that it does not focus on the past or offer a diagnosis.
  • Life coaching is NOT mentoring in that coaching does not focus exclusively on direct instruction around academic content. Coaching can certainly help students achieve academic success, but the process is more holistic and therefore even more beneficial!
  • Life coaching does NOT add to a client’s workload. I am keenly aware of the fact that all of us are balancing many obligations in this life, which is why I view participating in coaching as a way of working smarter not harder.
Simply put, my coaching philosophy can be embodied by this statement:
The coach and the client are working together through conversation to create a deeper awareness and personal understanding in the client while designing actions to help him or her be the best possible version of him or herself while achieving his or her goals effectively and efficiently.


Truly, the benefits of my life coaching are limitless!
The conversations you have with me through coaching will benefit you in the present and as you work towards your future goals. Improved confidence, enhanced self-knowledge, higher achievement/performance, and lower fear /stress/anxiety levels are just some of the upsides of being coached by me.
My coaching will also help you create concrete plans to reach your goals faster
As your coach, I am here to support you, champion you, and help you stay accountable. After all, I am here to help you reach your peak!
The metacognitive process is also a major benefit
My coaching helps you engage in metacognition that can set you apart when applying to colleges and for jobs in the future. At a rapid rate, more and more businesses are recognizing the value of having employees that truly understand themselves and how they work best, which is why engaging in coaching today can set you up for even more success in the future.
My coaching will leave you with the most amazing feeling of positivity after each session
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, my coaching will leave you with the most amazing feeling of positivity after each session. It is so incredibly powerful to have someone that truly listens to you and champions you with no exterior motive other than to see you thrive and achieve your goals, and I would love to be that someone for you.



Coaching is a conversation

A conversation where I ask targeted questions to bring forth new understanding and action in a client. I will listen closely with empathy between questions before ending a session with the client’s creation of action steps for him or her to take moving forward. These action steps help create accountability by designing standards against which to check progress.

A typical coaching session usually lasts 45-60 minutes and follows this rough outline:


Set an Agenda – What would the client like to focus on that day?


Explore the Importance – Why is this topic important to the client?


Define the Desired Outcome – What would the client like to get out of the conversation that day?


Coaching Conversation – A coach’s greatest tool is empathetic listening, so I will be asking questions that show I am really listening and are designed to bring about new insights and knowledge acquisition in the client.


Use of Coaching Tools – Sometimes I may bring in some coaching tools or activities to enhance the conversation but only if the client agrees.


Turn to Action – A good coach will never tell a client what to do! Instead, I will help the client create an action step for the future related to the learning and desired outcome for that day. The client is in complete control.

Build in an Accountability – The final part of my job is to help the client find a way to stay accountable to those action steps he / she has created.


I am committed to providing the best quality of service with the highest degree of professionalism, which is why I am doing / have done the following in addition to the life experiences detailed on my About page:
  • Receiving over 125 hours of in-person training through Coach Training EDU, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited the program.
  • Coaching Training EDU certified as an Associate Academic Life Coach.
  • Active in a professional network of coaches to ensure I continue to stay up-to-date on cutting edge practices.
Additional personal and career highlights
  • Graduate of the Glenbrook Academy for International Studies, a nationally recognized high school program that synthesizes English, Social Studies, and World Languages content and instruction to produce students that go on to be positive global change agents.
  • Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a degree in Secondary English Education.
  • Recipient of the WACTE Early Career Educator Award
  • Co-recipient of the ASCD Teacher Impact Grant
  • Co-presenter on Personalized Learning at the state and national level
  • Recipient of the American Volleyball Coaches Association “THIRTY UNDER 30 HIGH SCHOOL” Award
  • NCVF Div. III National Champion and Honorable Mention All-American
  • Coach to many athletes that have gone on to play collegiately and even professionally in some cases
  • Loving husband to Elisabeth and father to Ophelia


First and foremost, PEAK is actually an acronym for Performance Enhancement and Knowledge, which will be two of the primary benefits of going through a coaching cycle with me.
PEAK also conjures up the image of a mountain peak, which I use a metaphor for one’s ascent through life. How high will you climb? I would love to help you reach new heights!
Finally, one definition of “peak” as a verb is to “reach a maximum,” and I would like to help you achieve to the highest level or greatest degree in all areas of life, both in the present and in the future.


In the increasingly competitive college application process, students are looking for ways to stand out, and my coaching can provide you with the insights and self-knowledge necessary to sell yourself most effectively while giving you advice on how best to convert that learning into a strong essay.
While I cannot guarantee my coaching around your college essay will get you into the college of your dreams (since the essay is only one part of the application process), I can guarantee that it will give you the best possible chance in that regard. As an accomplished former English teacher and a certified coach, I am able to combine these two skill sets to help you highlight your strengths to the admissions board as much as possible.
Together, we can create an essay that will catch the institution’s eye while simultaneously showcasing all of your fantastic attributes.


While it is true that sport-specific talent is part of the equation that helps athlete progress to the next level, the other (and arguably more important) part of that equation is the athlete’s mindset. The skill of knowing one’s self in order to fully capitalize on potential is crucial to an athlete’s success at progressing up through the ranks of their sport. Unlocking all of the body’s capabilities comes through mastering the mind, and I am here to help you do just that!
Whether you are trying to make your school’s Varsity team or break into collegiate/professional athletics, I can help you on your journey towards that next level. Through our conversations, we can identify ways to improve skills while simultaneously developing mindful practices rooted in stronger self-knowledge that will further enhance your performance, lower your stress, and increase your chances of achieving that next athletic goal.
Together, we can make sure that your mind and body are working in perfect harmony to make sure you are getting as much happiness and success out of your chosen sport as possible!


While I would love to work with you on whatever topics you feel would be best addressed through coaching, I do specialize in a few areas. These areas are:
Academic Life Coaching
Whether you are a student that is currently achieving below the desired level, one that is getting the grades but struggling with the stress of rigorous academics, or one that simply wants to improve overall confidence when it comes to your studies, I can help. My years in education working with diverse student populations (see more about my educational background in the About section) and my specific training in Academic Life Coaching from Coach Training EDU, an International Coach Federation accredited training program, make me the ideal coach for any student looking to reach new heights of achievement and positivity in any academic context.
Sport Life Coaching
As an athletic coach that has worked with individual athletes and athletic teams / programs from middle school through college at levels ranging from AAU to high school to the NCAA, I am uniquely suited to help athletes maximize their experiences in their sports. Even further, my experiences as a student-athlete also make me uniquely qualified to work within this field, as I distinctly remember the highs, lows, and struggles of this experience and can empathize with athletes as they try to be their best selves on and off the court. My athletic coaching experiences inform my life coaching and vice versa, which again makes me well suited to work with individual athletes or an entire team / athletic program.
Educator Life Coaching
In my previous career as a high school English teacher, I experienced firsthand the special challenges that the profession presents. Teacher burnout is no joke, and you can’t be at your best for your students if you’re not feeling the best about yourself and your place in the educational community. That is why I love working with educators! Whether you are looking for new ways to grow, for more balance between work and the rest of your life, or simply for more joy in the profession, I can help. I am passionate about creating a deeper awareness in all educators that recognizes the amazing work you do and the value you bring to society as a whole. It would be my privilege to talk with you to help you reach your next peaks inside and outside of the classroom.


It is my pleasure to offer sessions either through video calls online (Zoom) or through telephone conversations.
Beyond convenience, I also find these methods of communication preferable because they allow for clients to attend the session from whatever environment is most comfortable for them. This increased comfort makes the coaching process even more positive, productive, and enjoyable. I care about making each and every one of my clients feel at ease, so I leave the choice of how we will communicate up to you.