Why add a new messaging option to how PEAK provides coaching?

It’s simple: COMFORT and EQUITY

For one, I want everyone I work with to feel 100% at ease during the coaching process, so adding a messaging option for those that prefer to write only makes sense!

With coaching by messaging, now you can set yourself up in whatever space you’re most comfortable in and engage with the coaching process in a positive, productive manner that keeps your auditory and verbal areas free. Perhaps you’ll put on some of your favorite music or simply take some time to enjoy quiet moments – in any case, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of coaching in the environment that maximizes the experience for you!

Equity is also a top priority here at PEAK, and we want to ensure that all individuals have access to coaching. We are all unique, which means that we all communicate in distinct ways. It is my hope that coaching by messaging provides even more people the chance to experience the power of coaching!

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