As you may have noticed, my site underwent a bit of re-branding recently, and I wanted to explain why.  It boils down to the fact that I could no longer bear the title of “life coach” and refer to what I do as “life coaching.”  When I started PEAK by Brydon, LLC, I thought that these terms would always apply to me and my business, but I’m here to say that sometimes you need to think about things differently in order to move forward in life!

One of the major reasons why I now refer to myself as a “coach” rather than a “life coach” is due to how the term “life coach” has a certain amount of stigma around it.  Based on my experiences, the term can too easily be taken to imply that the coach knows more about life than you do, and that could not be further from how I would like to represent myself.  My coaching is a partnership, and I would never profess to know more about your life (or life in general!) than you do.  We are the experts in our own lives.  No one should try to tell you otherwise, and I am here only to be a humble partner in your journey towards your next peak.  I learn from and listen to you before championing you on your path to that end goal you’re working towards.  Being confined by a term that was implicitly forcing me to represent myself as someone I am fundamentally not was never going to work for me in the long run, so I had to make the change.

Authenticity is one of the keys to unlocking success and fulfillment – be true to yourself!

Beyond an air of elitism, “life coaching” also just isn’t a very inviting or approachable term, in my opinion.  It can be hard to define, and I’ve found that this ambiguity actually lessens the likelihood that someone will take the time to find out more about who I am and what I do.  Now, I want to work with people from all walks of life, so the last thing I would want to do is turn people away based on the terms I use to describe myself and my work.  

That is why I have decided to move forward as simply a coach who provides coaching services.  I believe there is a certain beauty in simplicity, and I am hoping that the positive connotations and the familiarity with this term lead to even more people finding PEAK.  As always, my only goal is to be the partner you need and serve in whichever way best suits you…

What’s Your Next Peak?