Welcome to Part 2 of a 3 part series on my TRIANGLE OF FULFILLMENT!  Last time, we tackled the “who?” and defined who you wanted to be both internally and externally.  With that clarity in mind, the time has come to move beyond the self and into the realm of accomplishment!  To do so, we’ll look at the next question on the Triangle of Fulfillment…

How high will you climb?

The “What?”

For this step, you’ll need to clarify what actions you want to take in the future and what exactly you want to accomplish.  In other words, “What’s your next peak?”  Sometimes it can be helpful to define what you’d like to accomplish first before working backwards to find the best route up to those peaks, but the most important part is gaining more understanding of your goals.  Again, the more specific these goals are, the better!  Here’s why:

Imagine that my goal is to be a better volleyball player.  At first glance, this goal probably seems like a good one, but look again.  Ask yourself, “What does being “better” even mean?” and “How can I measure ‘better?’”  See what I mean?  The problem here is that the goal is a bit too vague, and thus my motivation to achieve it will probably be less than if I had a goal that was thoroughly defined.  To get to these kinds of specific goals, I suggest using the S.M.A.R.T model, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.  It may seem a bit formal, but trust me, defining your goals in this way has so much power – in fact, more to come on this model in a future blog!

Don’t settle for just hitting the board – aim for bullseye when it comes to goal setting!

By using this model and giving my goal the depth of thought it deserves, my “better at volleyball” goal may morph into this one: “By the end of April, I’m going to improve my number of passes to a stationary target from a driven ball by 10%, which will help quench my thirst for competition.”  Is it specific? Yes, I want to improve the number of passes to a stationary target from a driven ball! Is it measurable? Yes, I can easily count the number of my passes that reach that target during the outlined scenario! Is it attainable? Yes, I want to improve by 10%, which is much more attainable than 50% or even 30%! Is it relevant? Yes, it is to me since it feeds my competitive spirit! Is it time-bound? Yes, I’m going to accomplish this goal by the end of April!

Now that I own this enhanced knowledge around my goal, I can harness it to stay motivated and track progress along my path up the mountain towards it! What are some goals you have for your future-self? Write a few down and then check them against the S.M.A.R.T. model – revise as need be until you have a goal that you’re excited to work towards!

My sincere thanks to you for going through the second part of this fulfillment exercise with me!  Check back in two weeks as we explore the final, and arguably most important, side of my Triangle of Fulfillment –
the “Who?”