Today is Super Bowl Sunday, but doesn’t it feel more like a Sun-Yay?! There is so much excitement in the air this morning as anticipation continues to build around the country for tonight’s big game. Even if your team isn’t playing (there’s always next year!), I’m hoping you’ll still be able to enjoy the experience – maybe by focusing on these parts of the game instead!

Perhaps even more exciting than the game itself is the prospect of getting together with friends and family to watch it! Super Bowl parties will be happening around the country today and tonight, and the thought of so many people together just fills my heart with joy. Surrounding yourself with people that inject positivity into your life is one way to continue climbing towards those next peaks, and the Super Bowl always reminds me of the true power of human connection. So whether you’re able to watch with others tonight or not, just remember that we all have people in our corners that are here to help us climb even higher.

I also love the Super Bowl because chances are high that you’ll see some dramatic scores, and the celebrations that ensue are so motivating to me! While I may not be scoring touchdowns on a national stage, I think we can (and should) take a moment on Super Bowl Sunday to recognize the “scores” we have had in our lives so far. These scores can be bigger, like getting that new job, making that A-team, or earning an A on that math test you studied so hard for, but they can also be smaller, like taking a leap of faith and applying for that new job, summoning the courage to tryout for that team in the first place, or finding the motivation to break out that math textbook. Big or small, a score is a score!

And what about the scores that have not even happened yet? I am a big proponent of the power behind vision exercises, so think for a second about what score will be next in your life. Engage all of your senses! What do you see? Hear? Smell? Taste? Feel? Really lean into that vision and make it as real as possible – spend some time there. I’m betting the few seconds or minutes you spend doing that will leave you with a feeling of happiness and motivation – go get that next score and reach that next peak!

Sometimes, the best part of the Super Bowl isn’t even the game – it is the commercials! Iconic moments can be born in the breaks between action, and I always find a few ads each year that stick with me. Tonight, different companies will spend millions of dollars trying to use their 30 seconds to get you interested in their products and services, but you don’t need to have anywhere near that kind of budget to sell and celebrate yourself! What would a commercial for you look like? I know it sounds odd at first, but think about it! What better way is there to celebrate those scores from before than by advertising them a bit? Society has made us wary of telling others about our accomplishments for fear of being seen as conceited, but there is nothing wrong with sharing success with others! Let people know what is going well in your life and encourage them to do the same with you – let’s spread some positivity with this kind of grassroots ad campaign!

While all of these parts of the game are so much fun, one part of the game that can craft controversy is the officiating. Referees often incite the ire of fans with calls that go against their teams, and you can hear the “boo birds” echoing around the stadium in those moments – listen for them tonight! But what many of those booing don’t understand is that officiating, like many parts of life, is beyond our control. So why does the uncontrollable draw so much of our attention? I believe the answer lies in the fact that sometimes it is simply easier to pass ownership on from ourselves to someone or something else. Didn’t get that A? The teacher must have done a poor job teaching it. Didn’t make that team? The coach must have been playing favorites with someone else. You see what I mean, and I’ve been guilty of this mentality, too! We all have probably thought something like that at some point, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from those moments and change for the future. Instead of focusing on the things in life that are beyond our spheres of control, we should keep our attention on ourselves and continue to analyze how we can learn and improve as we continue our climb. If we can do that and truly control ourselves, we can own our futures and achieve beyond our wildest dreams. That wildest dream for some on our screens tonight may very well have been winning a Super Bowl.

How about you?