The start of a new year can be anything.  It can be a fresh start, a time for change, a recommitment to one’s self, and so much more!  Above all else, I see a new year as a NEW OPPORTUNITY

An opportunity for reflection and growth, specifically.  It is fitting that this new year will bring about the year 2020, because the old maxim states that “hindsight is 2020.”  To me, that expression refers to the feeling we all get from time to time when reflecting on a past experience. We might think, “Oh, I should have done this,” or “if only I had known then what I know now,” but what if you could take that perfect vision and cast it forward instead of backward?

Imagine the growth that is possible once you reflect on and clarify what you really want out of life!  As 2020 begins, take some time to ponder “Who do I want to be?” and “What are my goals for this new year?” but understand that these “big picture” questions can be hard to tackle by yourself.  That is where coaching conversations with PEAK by Brydon, LLC can be particularly useful!

Often, our vision of the future is blurry in our own mind’s eye; you can see the outlines of your desires, but they remain unclear since the path to that picture is still unknown.  Having a conversation with a professional, certified life coach will help you determine who you want to be and what it is you are hoping to accomplish this new year before assisting you in the creation of the mindsets, habits, and actions that will make the path to those personal peaks possible.  In short, engaging in life coaching with PEAK by Brydon, LLC will make your vision for the future appear crystal clear and that much closer so that the new year isn’t the only thing that is 2020 in your life!

Going into 2020, I hope you dream big, but dreaming doesn’t have to be like casting a bottle into the ocean – just hoping that it will find a shore.  It can be much more proactive. In fact, dreaming with intent can take things like “fate” or “destiny” out of the equation and put you in control.  Let 2020 be the year you seize opportunity and OWN YOUR FUTURE, and PEAK by Brydon, LLC is here to help you do exactly that. With a life coach in your corner, the opportunities for 2020 are endless!