What’s your next peak?

PEAK by Brydon, LLC

Founded by an award-winning educator and athletic coach, PEAK by Brydon, LLC provides certified life coaching services to help each and every client achieve to the highest level while being his or her best self.

Wouldn’t it be great to go from feeling lost at school and stressing out to being on top of your work, recognizing your unique talents, and fully understanding what academic success looks like to you? How about from being bored in your classes to embracing new ways to grow so you can meet your future goals? Or even from feeling stuck in your current athletic development to seeing a clear path forward towards the next level?

All of these changes are possible, and I am here to help you reach these peaks!

As an award-winning educator and athletic coach, I use my unique set of skills derived from these careers to offer a life coaching experience that goes beyond what others can offer. Other coaches may talk the talk, but I have actually walked the walk and can help you achieve new heights in any context through deeper self-knowledge and more effective mindsets, habits, and actions. No matter which service of mine you choose, my only goal is to get you to life’s next peak – I look forward to climbing together!

Meet Will Brydon

From being a peer mentor while in school to playing and coaching in multiple national championships to pioneering personalized learning in my school district when I worked as a high school English teacher, the common theme in my life has always been using my skills to help others achieve to the highest level possible.  Visit my About Page to learn more about why I am the best coach for you!