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PEAK by Brydon, LLC

Founded by an award-winning educator and athletic coach, PEAK by Brydon, LLC provides certified professional coaching services to help you be who you want to be while achieving what you want to achieve!

PEAK's Response to COVID-19: New Pricing and Free Support Session

My deepest sympathies go out to everyone affected by COVID-19 and the unprecedented global circumstances it has caused.  Now more than ever, I am committed to compassionately serving you however I can as individuals, communities, and nations work to combat the spread of COVID-19.  

To try to do my part, I am pleased to announce new pricing options for my individual plans and group programs.  This change was made to keep my services as accessible as possible.  Now more than ever, having a coach in your corner will make a huge positive impact, and it would be a privilege to serve in that role for you – You can check out the new pricing options on my Programs page!

I am also proud to offer a free support session to anyone that needs it in these trying times.  If you are interested in experiencing the power of coaching firsthand while discussing whatever would be most helpful to you, please click below!

Feeling Lost? Bored? Stressed Out? Stuck?

Whether these feelings are from school, sports, or simply life in general, I can help you find paths away from these negative emotions and towards positivity, success, fulfillment, joy, and so much more.

All of these changes are possible, and I am here to help you reach these next peaks!


Awards and Certifications

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American Volleyball Coaches Association “THIRTY UNDER 30 HIGH SCHOOL” Award Recipient

Certified Professional Academic Coach

WACTE Early Career Educator Award Recipient

Featured Content

Check out Will Brydon, founder of PEAK by Brydon, LLC, in this April 2020 webinar with Coach Training EDU to see what motivated Will to offer the services he does and why the “WHY?”s in life matter so much to him!

Meet Will Brydon

As an award-winning educator and athletic coach, I use my unique set of skills derived from these careers to serve others by offering a certified professional coaching experience that goes beyond what other coaches can offer.  They may talk the talk, but I have actually walked the walk. No matter which service of mine you choose, my only goal is to get you to life’s next peak.  Visit my About Page to learn more – I look forward to climbing together!

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